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Leila Ranzi

The Bubbly Realtor

There’s no better time than now to make your dreams a reality and I can help! If you’re looking for a fun and stress-free home buying experience, call me today!
Leila Ranzi | The Bubbly Realtor | Keller Williams-Northern Arizona

Who is Leila?

Leila was born and raised in Italy and has traveled extensively. She has been calling Prescott home for 6 years with her three kids in this little gem in Northern Arizona. As part of being a mom, she is a great negotiator making sure that everyone is happy in the end and has a smile on their faces. Leila is friendly, a people person and happy to help others. She is positive and will give you her undivided attention in finding the house of your dreams. House for her signifies home; the place that means family, friends, laughter and love. She is fluent in several languages, so she can sell you a house in English, Italian, and Spanish. It’s your choice, she has an Italian PHD in Sociology and has also held a variety of different jobs (from working on cruises to modeling, from working on production companies to home cooking, just to mention a few). She also has experience in remodeling and some construction. Just remember, she is not a contractor just yet…

Disclaimer: The Bubbly Realtor is not for everybody. If you are grumpy or negative, she might be too much for you or she might change your outlook on life, lighting up your whole world.

Why the Bubbly Realtor?

We all know that buying or selling a house involves lots of energy and therefore, many times, that comes along side of stress. Figuring out what you really want, where you would like it, how big or small of a castle you want to live in, and many many more questions. And that is only the beginning. Well, Leila, the Bubbly Realtor, will put her best effort to lessen that stress and help you find your dream home -with a smile on her face and sparkles along the way. Her bubbly personality will walk you from the beginning to the end of your transaction, making your experience a bubbly fun adventure. Are you read to jump on board and discover the new bubbly side of Real Estate?

“She was a trooper, helped us in every way she could, provided assurance that it would work out in the end –to which it did! Thank you Leila.”
J. V. , Prescott

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